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IELTS BMW - Canada's Elite Online IELTS Preparation School

My name is Alexey Shakhin. I am a professional IELTS instructor from Canada with a personal score of 9. This school was created to ensure that your IELTS preparation is as effective as possible.

I am not an examiner and I do not issue certificates. I am not affiliated with any university or immigration office.

I am a teacher & my work boils down to two tasks:

1. Precisely determine your current level

2. Help you get the score you need on your first attempt


BMW has become a world-renowned symbol of quality & reliability. Likewise, with IELTS BMW, you get the best.

​I personally approve each material prior to posting to ensure that you are provided with the most useful information.

May this site be a humble contribution to making your dreams come true.

BMW could also mean

«Be My Wings»

For many of you, IELTS will be the wings that will take you to a brighter future.

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