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10 educational videos

Disc 1 - «Introduction»

An introduction to the foundational principles of successful preparation. How to give examiners exactly what THEY are looking for, how to get rid of the fear of being wrong, why fluent English gives no more than 4.5 points, what should your vocabulary be, how German students get the highest marks in the world, how to brainstorm productively, how to effectively manage your time, what to say when you have nothing to say, how to know if you will lose points for your accent, how to simulate "combat conditions", writing errors, what is the difference between a reliable IELTS expert and a charlatan, free self-study resources, Q&A and much more.

Disc 2 - «Listening for 7+»

An experienced IELTS instructor (with a score of 9999) conducts a master class about the "Listening" section.

Disc 3 - «Reading for 7+»

Making these mistakes and hoping for 7+? Simple step-by-step system. Exclusive master class by Alexey Shakhin.

Disc 4 - «Writing for 7+»

For most students, this is the hardest part of the exam. What exactly do the examiners need to give you score 7, what is common and what are the differences between the first and the second parts, how to plan the time correctly in order to do everything, what to write about and what not to write about in each of the parts, the simplest structure for constructing an essay in general and each paragraph in particular, the meaning of each of the following terms: task achievement, coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, what is implied when it comes to cohesive devices, less common lexical items, awareness of style, variety of complex structures, word formation and much more.

Disc 5 - «Speaking for 7+»

Exclusive master class by Alexey Shakhin dedicated to the conversational of IELTS

Disc 6 - «30 English proverbs»

English proverbs will not only significantly expand your vocabulary and allow you to better understand native speakers, but also come in handy in all 4 sections of IELTS. In cases where proverbs have Russian equivalents, I cite them; where they don't, I indicate the semantic translation and give the context in which the use of this proverb will be appropriate. Many of these proverbs are over 100 years old and have become firmly established; therefore it will be very helpful for you to familiarize yourself with them.

Disc 7 - «60 English Idioms»

Idiomatic expressions will come in handy in all four sections of the exam.

Disc 8 - «IELTS Terminology»

I often say in my trainings that the exam preparation should be based on a clear understanding of the examiners' requirements. However, the irony is that in order to understand the language that is used in the list of these requirements, you yourself need to have a score of at least 7 IELTS. Since my score is 9 in all sections, and I am an IELTS instructor and have been teaching this exam in one of the world's largest English language schools for several years, I am able to completely sort out all the terminology for you.

Disc 9 - «Quiz IELTS - What? Where? When?»

Answers to questions. The 40 questions of this quiz are included in the compulsory curriculum of all IELTS BMW preparatory courses.

Disc 10 - «The Day of the Exam»

The long-awaited day of the exam has come. We will talk about what can affect your score at the most crucial moment.

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