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IELTS - Find out your score!

Take a mock test in the comfort of your home and find out exactly what score you can count on

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3 reasons to take a mock IELTS:

The mock exam will determine your starting point, how far you are from your target & what your weaknesses are

The mock exam will help make sure that you are not standing still, but progressing and developing in the right direction, gradually approaching your goal.

You will check your readiness so that you do not have to retake and overpay.

Thinking about taking a mock IELTS elsewhere?

Think again!

◦ Registration takes up to 2 weeks
◦ Analysis of the results with a teacher | 15 min

◦ The examiner is an ordinary teacher

◦ Personal score of the examiner: 7-8

◦ The native speaker does not speak Russian

◦ Assessment is given for sections only

◦ Registration on the day of payment
◦ Analysis of results with a teacher | 1 hour

◦ The examiner is an IELTS INSTRUCTOR

◦ The examiner's personal score - 9

◦ Native speaker is fluent in Russian

◦ Assessment is given for each of the subsections



Pam | Thailand

The dream: to become a psychiatrist

Bangkok medical faculty requirement: score 7

Result after 3 months: 7.5!

Palm ielts red.jpg

Christina | Czech Republic

The dream: to study video game design

University of Amsterdam requirement: score 6.5

Result after 1.5 months: 7!


Mock test procedure:

1. Make a payment

2. Do the test - Get the materials for Listening, Reading & Writing. Take the test and send it to us.

3. Interview - We set the time for a live online session. You do the Speaking section. Receive a detailed report in real time: 

- your overall score;
- scores per section/subsection;
- analysis of your strengths and weaknesses;

- answers to questions;
- and advice on preparation.

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