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Your COMFORT zone is your ENEMY!

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Добро пожаловать! - Приветствие директора школы.
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Make your dreams come true by getting the score you need!

Canada's leading online IELTS preparation school introducing the exclusive «IELTS: The Sack Race» online course

✔ International program tested in 30 countries

✔ Cambridge online teaching methodology

✔ Cambridge exam grading system

✔ Unlimited email support

+10 Audio CD's ($199 value) - FREE!


The program includes:

✔ Special skills

✔ Time management

✔ Psychological preparation

✔ Minimizing distractions

✔ Understanding the requirements

✔ Tactics and strategies for each section

✔ Self-discipline

✔ All study materials included

✔ Special tips for band 8 & 9 candidates

Exam classification
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The compulsory program of all courses includes a detailed analysis of 40 questions of the notorious «IELTS Quiz»


Classes are held on the web platform of the University of Cambridge, using ultra-high-speed internet, video conferencing & modern technological innovations.

The online format allows you not only to study in the comfort of your own home, but also to use the huge amount of time saved on commuting to prepare for IELTS.

Example: by the most conservative estimates, when studying twice a week, in 3 months you save more than 50 hours, which in itself is more than half of the full course!

Student feedback

IELTS BMW offers:

up to 4 students

2 lessons a week / 2 hours per lesson

1 cycle - 5 weeks (20 hours)

2 cycles - 10 weeks (40 hours)

3 cycles - 15 weeks (60 hours)

General program. Full course consists of 3 cycles, 20 hours each. Each cycle lasts 5 weeks and covers all aspects of preparation. In each cycle, students are fully tested on all sections. You can choose 1 cycle, 2 or a full course (3 cycles).

Classes take place on weekends or weekdays. Minimum level for admission: IELTS 5.0 (or equivalent). If you have never taken any exams, you will need to be tested by us.

according to an individual program

2 lessons a week / 2 hours per lesson

1 cycle - 5 weeks (20 hours)

2 cycles - 10 weeks (40 hours)

3 cycles - 15 weeks (60 hours)

According to a mutually convenient schedule. The duration depends on the required score and individual characteristics of the student.

IMPORTANT! For all options except one cycle of group lessons, the cost of the mock test is deducted from the cost of the course.


Classes include passing simulated exams in «conditions as close as possible to combat»

The Spartans said:

«Those who shed sweat in training do not shed blood in battle!»

This course is NOT for you if:

1. You think that it is enough to pay money to get the result

2. You don't have time to attend all classes and do homework

Passing a preliminary mock test is mandatory & does not guarantee admission to the course. The number of places in groups is limited.


​​"If my son needed IELTS, I would prepare him using the IELTS BMW method."

Alexey Shakhin | Founder of IELTS BMW

IELTS BMW - Мечты сбываются! - Увидимся на занятиях!
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