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Free materials for

IELTS Preparation

◦ Test format
◦ Test structure

Schulte tables

◦ Short stories

This is your «BIBLE», it determines your score.

◦ Score calculation / Video
◦ Listening / Reading raw score to band calculator

◦ 3,000 Words | Audio+Video | A to Z
◦ 5,000 Words | Frequency list | NOT A to Z

◦ 500 Academic word list

◦ 2,400 Academic collocations list

◦ Phrasal verbs | Video+List

◦ Idioms

◦ Proverbs

◦ CEFR chart

◦ Checklists
◦ 12 verb tenses | Chart + Video

◦ Complex sentences | Video

◦ 4 types of Conditionals | Chart + Video

◦ Passive voice | Video

◦ Indirect speech | Video

◦ Modal verbs | Video

◦ Gerund | Video

- "cohesive devices" 

Mistake checklists for Thais & Russians

◦ Format
◦ Topics - 120

◦ Samples

◦ Video band 6

◦ Video band 7

◦ Video band 9

◦ Speaking checklist

◦ IELTS Speaking board game - 80 questions

◦ Format
◦ Topics

◦ WR1 samples

◦ WR1 vocab

◦ WR2 samples

◦ WR1+2 model answers Band score calculator

◦ Writing answer sheets


Ielts structure.jpg


tell you exactly what you need to do to get you the score you need

SP bands-1.jpg
WR1 bands-1.jpg
WR1 bands-2.jpg
WR2 bands-1.jpg
WR2 bands-2.jpg


A Schulte table is a grid with randomly distributed numbers or letters used for development of speed reading, peripheral vision, attention and visual perception.​ Focus on the grid center & find all the numbers (letters) without moving your eyes.

Download the document to practice


IELTS Raw Score to Band 


One of the most famous American writers of short stories, O'Henry is loved by millions for his trademark plot twists.

These are my top 10. Enjoy!

A Retrieved Reformation
00:00 / 15:32
The Christmas Presents
00:00 / 09:53
The Cop and the Anthem
00:00 / 14:03
The Last Leaf
00:00 / 14:23
The Memento
00:00 / 10:01
Transients in Arcadia
00:00 / 11:48
After Twenty Years
00:00 / 06:42
Mammon and the Archer
00:00 / 11:42
One Thousand Dollars
00:00 / 08:26
The Exact Science of Matrimony
00:00 / 15:33


A video of 3000 words will help you get solid at B2 level whereas a list of top 5000 most frequent words is a must for C2


Expanding your academic vocabulary is an important part of any exam preparation. This list will give you a nice 570-word boost.

Academic collocations are crucial if your goal is 7 or above. This is a list of about 2,400

col p1.jpg

Phrasal verbs are another integral part of advanced English.

The following extensive list is available for your convenience.

Business idioms



Grammar checklist

12 verb tenses.png


4 Types of Conditional Sentences





SP structure.jpg

IELTS Speaking Format

SP2 cards.jpg
Speaking checklist.jpg


If we compare learning a language to building a house, we can say that words are like bricks & grammar is the correct way of laying those bricks.

However, to make our house solid, we need cement. That «cement» is pronunciation. A clear & articulate pronunciation will help you to:

◦ Avoid embarrassing situations

◦ Score higher on your exams

◦ Always say what you mean & mean what you say

ielts sp board game.jpg


WR1+2 sructure.jpg
IELTS Writing 1 2-page-002.jpg
Trend Vocabulary.png
Band 9 WR1.jpg
WR2 cards.jpg
Band 9 WR2.jpg
Essay checklist.jpg
WR scores.png

If you've seen any of my trainings you know that I'm a big believer in keeping your mock tests as close to the real exam as possible.

Writing your essays on official writing answer sheets is a good example. Not only does it put you in the correct "exam mindset" psychologically, but it also makes it easier to visually control your word count.

WR answer sheet.jpg

Download & practice the right way!

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